Annual Doorknock Mission to the United States:
April 30-May 5th, 2017

 30 April 2017

The American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt
Annual Doorknock Mission to the United States 

(April 30-May 5, 2017)

An AmCham Egypt delegation of 30 top-level executives will be visiting Washington, D.C. from April 30 to May 5, 2017 for the Annual Doorknock Mission.

Delegates are scheduled to meet with Members of the U.S. Congress, Administration officials, think-tanks, media and leaders from the U.S. business community.

The visit comes just three weeks after Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s first official state visit to the U.S, which was then followed by the visit of U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis last week. Both visits reaffirmed the commitment of Egypt and the U.S.towards strengthening the bilateral relationship on the economic as well as the military front.

Egypt has recently implemented a series of reforms aimed at reducing the budget deficit, creating jobs, and attracting foreign investment. As uncertainties prevail across the region, the country has maintained its position as the region’s largest and strongestdeveloping economy and a cornerstone to stability. Several challenges do remain on the economic, security and social levels, however the private sector as represented by the AmCham delegation, is adamant on working closely with the government to face those challenges and on working on fully integrating the country into the global economy.

The U.S. has long been Egypt’s friend, ally and currently the New Administration has shown vested interest in supporting a strong and stable Egypt. Economically, Egypt can help in further boosting the U.S. economy’s competitiveness by offering manufacturers and investors a young and dynamic domestic market of 90 million consumers. In addition, Egypt offers competitive access to other international markets of Africa and Europe, spreading the demand for American products across the region, thus lowering costs associated with exports and ultimately creating more jobs for U.S. citizens. As for Egypt, the consolidation of its position as a regional hub would expand the possibilities for FDI, job creation, and skills upgrade. On the political side, both countries are in full agreement on their collective role in the regional fight against terrorism.

It is worth noting that in recent months there has been some very positive signs of increased investments by U.S. companies as a show of support and commitment to Egypt and as an endorsement of its reform program. Several companies have continued to leverage Egypt’s trade agreements to export to countries of Africa and Europe; a number of which are represented within this delegation. A number of key sectors are also represented including; energy, fast moving consumer goods, financial and legal services, agriculture, real estate, private equity and tourism.

During their meetings with the U.S. Administration, Congressional Members, think-tanks, delegates will promote dialogue on these important commercial issues, communicate Egypt's economic reform process, and success story as an emerging economy. Thus promoting a deeper U.S.-Egypt commercial relationship, open new opportunities for American firms, create jobs and improve the lives of citizens in both countries.

Members of the delegation will also discuss specific actions both countries can take in order to enhance bilateral trade and investment following the recent official visit.

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