May 2022

U.S. Business Mission to Egypt

AE7(Architecture, Construction, Engineering)
Apache Corporation(Energy, Oil & Gas)
Ally Power(Energy, Power)
Astra Energy(Energy, Renewable Energy)
Baker Hughes(Energy, Oil & Gas)
Bank of America(Finance, Banking)
Bechtel Corporation(Construction, Engineering)
Boeing(Aerospace, Manufacturing)
Brite Solar(Renewable Energy, Energy)
Chevron(Energy, Oil & Gas)
Citi(Finance, Banking)
Clean Air Task Force (CATF)(Energy)
Egyptian-American Enterprise Fund(Finance)
Energy3 International(Renewable Energy, Energy)
General Electric (GE)(Energy, Oil & Gas)
General Motors(Manufacturing)
Google(Information Technology)
Hecate Global(Renewable Energy, Energy)
Holcim(Construction, Engineering)
Honeywell International(Manufacturing, Aerospace, Power, Engineering)
HSBC(Finance, Banking)
IBM(Information Technology)
Indiana University- Kelley School of Business(Education)
Lindsay(Agriculture, Irrigation)
Okeanos Group(Manufacturing, Packaging)
PepsiCo(Food and Beverage)
Plug Power(Power, Renewable Energy)
Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI)(Power, Renewable Energy)
SAP(Information Technology)
Standard Chartered Bank(Finance, Banking)
Sujen International(Power, Renewable Energy)
Uber Technologies(Information Technology, Transportation)
United Airlines(Aerospace)
Valmont(Agriculture, Infrastructure, Energy, Transportation)
Verdox(Power, Renewable Energy)
Xylem(Agriculture, Irrigation)